Our story

At Akili, where we're all about making a bold statement. We curate colourful pieces that ignite confidence and joy in everyone who wears them.

And, we're not just about looks –we're committed to quality designs manufactured sustainability. We use eco-friendly materials and slow fashion practices to ensure our pieces are not only beautiful but designed to last.

Our sustainability efforts

Made to order

All our products are made to order which means that we start working on your product as soon as you have placed an order. This lets us avoid overproduction and create zero textile waste!


Our hoodies are made of organic cotton and our swimwear of recycled polyester. For more info about our materials and eco-friendly credentials, check the "Material" section on our product pages.


Our packaging is made up of 70–100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics and 30% for our clear garment bags. These can be recycled and reprocessed to make new packaging (check your local recycling facilities).


We are continuously striving to lower our carbon footprint, We are open to working with brands and suppliers who share the same values as us to help our business become more sustainable!


Hi, I'm Akili (she/her)

I'm a designer, content creator, and travel lover currently based in London, UK.

I created this brand to share my love for colour and creativity without harming the earth.

I'm passionate about social justice and sustainability. I believe we can all make small waves to make a big difference. So let's change the world for the better, together!